Election commission asks for clarification on using govt sources during election campaign

Kathmandu: The Election Commission has informed that there have been complaints about misuse of government resources and tools in the House of Representatives and Provincial Assembly elections.

The commission has also directed to follow the code of conduct when the provisions of the Election Code of Conduct 2079 have been implemented. Also, the commission has reminded that the use of government tools and resources in election campaigning has been banned.

The commission has said that the lack of compliance is regrettable when the political parties have repeatedly been drawn to the implementation of the code of conduct and the major officials of the political parties have expressed their commitment to comply.

The commission also said that it has received information through various means that officials including ministers of the government of Nepal and provincial governments are using government resources and tools including helicopters for election campaigning.

The Election Commission has also made five special decisions to prevent misuse of government resources and tools.

Giving instructions to the Minister and the Chief Minister through the office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, regarding the complaint that the Prime Minister and the Minister have used helicopters for campaigning activities in various places, clearly in writing whether the expenses incurred by the Prime Minister, high-ranking people of various political parties and the Minister in using the helicopter should/should not be covered by the government fund.

It has been decided to instruct the Office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers to disclose the purpose of sending and for which purpose the helicopter was used.