Deuba says time has come to fight against communism to defend democracy

Kathmandu: Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba has said that it is time to fight against the Communist Party.

Addressing a women’s gathering and training program organized by the Central Women’s Department of the Nepali Congress on Saturday, Deuba said it was time to fight against the Communist Party for making democracy permanent as it wanted to implement one-party totalitarianism.

Democracy is the most important thing right now. The communists want to implement one-party totalitarianism, ‘he said.’ It is up to the Oli government to stay in power by giving false slogans, misleading the people and misleading women. Our party needs to make democracy permanent. ‘

Deuba claimed that the only party fighting for democracy in Nepal is the Congress. He accused other political parties of not being democratic. Stating that the Congress should not be greedy and hasty, he reiterated that he would not run away from the responsibility of leading the government if the situation arose.

“Nepal’s politics is very fluid. Our party is not in a hurry or greedy. And if the situation arises, there is no escape from responsibility,” he said.

Deuba also stressed on the need to attract women voters to the Congress.