Culture expert Satyamohan Joshi in ICU

Kathmandu: The health condition of a Century Man Satyamohan Joshi is becoming critical.

According to hospital, the health condition of Joshi, who is being treated at Kist Medical College and Teaching Hospital in Imadol, Lalitpur, is getting worse.

Pneumonia infection was seen in Joshi’s chest. A doctor involved in the treatment said that the medicine did not work because he is very old and suffering from a disease.

Joshi has been under treatment for 22 days after recently suffering from dengue infection along with pneumonia and heart disease.

He was shifted from the ICU to the cabin on Wednesday after his health condition improved. On Thursday morning, he was shifted from the cabin to the ICU due to health problems again.

As Joshi’s health began to fluctuate gradually, the hospital is providing continuous health services under the special supervision of specialist doctors.

Kist Medical College has been providing free treatment to Joshi.