Covid treatment becoming expensive for patients

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Health and Population has made public the treatment fee schedule for Covid-19 patients admitted to Shukraraj Tropical and Saruwa Raag Hospital, Teku. The published fee has been in force since last Friday. A corona infected person with a critical condition requiring a ventilator will have to pay a deposit of Rs 50,000 to be admitted to the ICU.
According to the ministry, the daily expenses will be Rs 15,000. Similarly, if one has to be admitted to ICU and cabin isolation without ventilator, the patient have to pay Rs 30,000 as a deposit amount. Its daily expenses will be Rs 7,500.
For patients with moderately complicated conditions, if they have to be admitted in gastro isolation, they will have to pay Rs 20,000 deposit and it will cost Rs 3,500 per day for their treatment.
Similarly, poor, senior citizens, persons with disabilities, disabled and single women can get exemption, the ministry said. From 10 to 100 percent discount can be taken according to the certificate or recommendation letter of the municipality. The ministry has stated that the exemption will be given on the basis of the financial condition and needs of the patients in a written decision of the chief consultant and director of the hospital.