Congress election manifesto: 50 pc EV operation in five years

Kathmandu: The Nepali Congress has announced to increase the use of electric vehicles (EV) to 50 percent in the next 5 years.

Unveiling its election manifesto, Congress has made an ambitious announcement to expand the use of conventional vehicles.

In the resolution, it is mentioned that the use of mineral energy (diesel-petrol) in urban transport will be reduced to zero by the next two decades.

Saying that climate change has started to have serious effects on environmental balance and diversity, geographical beauty and livelihood, the Congress has said that reducing carbon emissions and pollution, making common lifestyles eco-friendly, making climate adaptation plans and giving high priority to disaster management.

Congress promises to take maximum initiatives for international climate finance grants and concessional loans and to develop a disaster early warning system, identifying Nepal as a climate resilient country.

The Congress has also promised that the federal government will bring a special program for the construction of green open parks in urban areas by focusing on the elderly and children, and by studying the risky settlements and relocating such settlements to safe places, and building physical infrastructure only by studying the environmental impact and disaster risk.