Clash erupts between Durga Prasai supporters and CPN-UML Yuwa Sangh in Balkhu today

Kathmandu: Tensions flared in the Balkhu area as demonstrators affiliated with the Durga Prasai group clashed with cadres of the CPN-UML’s youth wing, resulting in a stone-pelting altercation.
Eyewitnesses report that the confrontation began when members of the UML-affiliated Yuwa Sangh arrived in Balkhu, where Durga Prasai’s supporters were conducting a demonstration today.

Despite the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, granting permission for the Prasai-led group to hold their demonstration in Balkhu, clashes ensued when Yuwa Sangh’s members defied their assigned demonstration location at Tinkune. Prompt police intervention successfully quelled the unrest, bringing the situation under control.

A heavy deployment of security personnel lines both sides of the road, with armored vehicles and ambulances on standby in the area. The heightened security presence extends to adjacent squares and intersections, contributing to significantly reduced traffic, creating an atmosphere akin to a day of closure in the capital city.

In Balkhu, amidst the two gathering areas, some groups were observed waving national flags, while in Tinkune, an increasing number of individuals wearing red caps gathered. Security agencies remain on high alert in the Kalanki-Balkhu and Tinkune regions, with a significant security presence and personnel strategically stationed along the ring road.

Within the inner city of Kathmandu, security personnel presence is comparatively sparse. The local administration has issued a prohibition order around significant locations, including Sheetal Niwas (the Prime Minister’s residence) and Minister’s residences, extending to Maitighar.

The impact of the clash and heightened security measures is evident in the limited presence of public and private vehicles on Kathmandu’s roads, with only a few taxis and buses observed amidst a city characterized by a notable decrease in activity.