CIAA to file case on TERAMOCS scandal, promises swift resolution

Kathmandu: In a recent development, the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has announced its intention to register a case related to the Telecommunication Traffic Monitoring and Fraud Control System (TERAMOCS) in the Special Court in the coming days.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Public Accounts Committee under the House of Representatives, Chief Commissioner Prem Kumar Rai revealed that the TERAMOCS case would soon see a resolution. Rai assured the committee that the process of obtaining statements from individuals involved in the case has been successfully completed, and the anti-graft body is prepared to take legal action.

The CIAA’s decision to pursue the TERAMOCS case follows an intensive investigation triggered by concerns raised by the Parliamentary Committee. The latter had flagged irregularities in the Nepal Telecommunication Authority’s plan to procure and implement the TERAMOCS system.

This move by the CIAA underscores its commitment to addressing corruption and malpractice within the government’s projects. As the case heads to the Special Court, all eyes will be on the unfolding developments in this high-profile scandal.