China shows double standard in trade with Nepal: NCC

File Photo of Nepal Chamber of Commerce President Rajesh Kaji Shrestha

Kathmandu: The Nepal Chamber of Commerce (NCC) has objected to China’s double standard in trade with Nepal under the pretext of corona.

The chamber has complained that the businessmen have to suffer as the checkpoint is said to be open but still closed.

Stating that Nepali businessmen have suffered a lot due to ineffective Chinese border checkpoints, the chamber has urged China to facilitate trade. Chairman of the Chamber Rajesh Kaji Shrestha complained that the goods of businessmen have been stuck at Chinese ports for a year.

“The jacket bought by the businessman for the winter of last year is still stuck at the checkpoint. How can trade between the two countries run in such a way?” Chairman Shrestha asked a question.

Chairman Shrestha said that the businessmen were also affected by the interest rate as goods worth millions of rupees were rotting at the border with China.

“Under the pretext of Corona, China has shown double standards in trade with Nepal, whether to close the border or facilitate trade,” Shrestha urged.

Stating that the issues of economic development have been overshadowed by the recent political developments in the country, he urged the economic journalists not to leave economic issues.

The chamber has also stated that the businessmen who are in trouble due to Kovid need positive energy and the political confusion has added to the worries of the businessmen.