Businesses in New Road area protest against parking ban

Kathmandu: Shopkeepers in the New Road area have staged a protest by closing the shutters of their shops after the Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) implemented a ban on parking on the streets in the New Road area. The businessmen argue that the restriction on parking will discourage customers from visiting their shops.

KMC, in its recent decision, has prohibited vehicle parking on black-topped roads in various areas, including Dharmapath, Juddha Salik to Indrachowk, Khichapokhari, Mahabuddha, and Bir Hospital.

The shop owners, expressing their dissatisfaction with the new regulation, have resorted to the protest as they believe that the absence of parking facilities will adversely affect their businesses. The closure of shop shutters serves as a collective demonstration against the parking ban imposed by the metropolitan authorities.