Ban on use of government vehicles on election campaign

Baitadi (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): Political parties will not be allowed to use government vehicles in their election campaign during the local elections.

Khagendra Bharti, information officer at the District Administration Office, said that the use of government vehicles for the programs of representatives of any political party and candidates has been banned as the election-targeted code of conduct has been implemented.

It has been stated that necessary action will be taken to control the vehicles as soon as possible.

It has been found that the request made by the District Administration Office to hand over weapons has been rejected. It was requested to hand over the licensed weapons till the election date.

Information Officer of the office Bharti said that not a single person had surrendered their weapons during that period.

Of the nearly 1,000 licensed guns were deposited in the administration during the conflict. He said that all kinds of weapons should be handed over to create a credible, safe and fearless election environment.

“We have been refusing to hand over the weapons,” said Bharti, an information officer. It is said that action will be taken after conducting a search as the weapons were not handed over within the stipulated time.

It is feared that the non-accumulation of weapons will affect the peace and security of the election. Deputy Superintendent of Police Ramesh Pal said that action would be taken against those who did not submit the information.

He said, “We have already requested for the surrender of weapons. Those who do not surrender should face legal punishment.”