Bahraini royal expedition team receives permit for Mt Everest

Kathmandu: The Department of Tourism has issued an expedition permit for the spring season. Two groups of climbers have received the first permission to climb Mt. Everest this season.
According to the department, a team including Bahraini Prince Sheikh Mohammed Hamad Mohammed Al Khalifa took permission to climb Mt Everest. A team of 16 people including Prince Sheikh Nasser bin Hamid Al Khalifa’s brother Sheikh Mohammed had arrived in Nepal on March 15 to climb the highest peak.
Preparations are underway for the ascent through the Seven Summit Trek in Nepal.
The department hopes that the issuance of climbing permits amidst the covid-19 epidemic risk and the presence of special guests will help spread the message that Nepal’s adventure tourism is safe around the world.
Due to the corona affecting Nepal’s mountaineering and trekking during the main season last year, some winter hikes amid the epidemic and bookings for the upcoming season have shown signs of improvement this year.