36 people, including one Chinese, arrested from fake call center

Kathmandu: The Nepal police have arrested 36 people from the call center in Kathmandu.

A total of 36 people, including one Chinese, two Indians and 33 Nepalis, were arrested from the Sky World Service Center.

Among those arrested are 43-year-old Chinese citizen Hu Yuihua, head of management of Sky World Service Center, 26-year-old Manoj Sahani from India’s Uttar Pradesh, 19-year-old Neha Gupta, 28 men and 5 women, and 33 Nepalis.

They were doing criminal activities in the name of the call center.

The police said that eight lakh 29 thousand rupees, 362 laptops, 748 desktop computers and one DVR were recovered from them.

They are accused of blackmailing, threatening, hacking personal details and blackmailing the public through their call center.

On Sunday as well, 150 people were arrested from a call center located in Tilottama Municipality-2 of Rupandehi.