353 people die in disaster since mid-April

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Kathmandu (Rashtriya Samachar Samiti): At least 353 people have lost their lives in disaster-related incidents this year. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority, 80 people are missing during this period.

According to the statistics, 161 people were killed due to landslides. Since then, 52 people have been killed by floods and 49 by lightning. Heavy rains have killed 18 people, snake bites 20, fires 18, animal attacks 28, fires, hurricanes and epidemics have killed seven people. Of the 80 people who went missing, 42 were in landslides and 37 in floods.

According to NEA, 2,090 disasters have occurred during this period. A total of 1,284 people have been injured. A total of 3,443 households have been affected.

The recent rains alone have killed 111 people and left 35 missing. A total of 136 people lost their lives during the monsoon. This time the unseasonal rains have caused even more damage.

Even during the monsoon, it rained 15 percent more. The current rains have caused severe damage to the paddy fields. The Ministry of Home Affairs has stated that the details of all the damages are being collected.