3,343 police officer deployed in Kathmandu for security during festivals

Representative Photo

Kathmandu: During the festival, 3,343 policemen will be mobilized to ensure the security of Kathmandu.

District Police Range Kathmandu issued the Festival Security Plan-2079 to be implemented from today and informed that 3,343 policemen are going to be mobilized to make the security of the district reliable.

The main objectives of the security plan are to mobilize security personnel effectively through high coordination between security agencies, take action within five to seven minutes at the scene of the incident, appropriately deploy resources and means, reduce crime, bring justice to the victims and punish the perpetrators.

In coordination and cooperation with the Kathmandu Valley Crime Investigation Office, distinguish police deployment, information collection and police deployment will be conducted in places where crimes have occurred more and places where crime is likely to occur.

Kathmandu Police will conduct public awareness programs through Facebook page of District Police Complex Kathmandu, Traffic FM and other means of communication.