13 families have been displaced by the flood and dozens of houses are at risk

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Kathmandu: 13 families here have been displaced in separate incidents of floods and landslides.

District Police Office Bajura has informed that 13 families have been displaced and dozens of houses are at risk in Himali and Gaumul Rural Municipality here due to floods and landslides that occurred on Friday.

Deeplal Budha’s house has been completely damaged after a landslide came over the house in Himali rural municipality-3 Yuna on Friday.
According to Police Inspector Rabindra Singh Kathayat of District Police Office Bajura, the landslide that occurred at 8.30 am on Friday morning washed away the grain leaves and clothes inside the old man’s house.

A family of three has lost their home after the landslide swept away their house.

Police inspector Kathayat informed that initiatives are being taken with the ward chairman for their safe accommodation.

According to the police, 10 houses in the same ward are at risk due to the landslide. The basic health post in Yuna is also at risk of landslides.

In addition, 12 families have been displaced due to the landslide in Gaumul Rural Municipality-3.

Sita Thapa, vice president of Gaumul Rural Municipality informed that 12 families, five from Behri and seven from Dhalkanda, have been displaced due to landslides that occurred after continuous rains.

According to him, the families of China Rokaya, Suresh Rokaya, Krishna Vick, Pushpa Vick and Jogi Vick of Behri have been displaced.

Also, the families of Rajendra Dhami, Bhan Bahadur Bohra, Vasant Bohra Jhankri Bohra, Gang Bohra Afilal Bohra, Brijit Bohra from Dhalkanda have been displaced.

The landslide has displaced the entire settlement. Locals said that there were no human casualties due to the landslide during the afternoon, but they had to suffer material losses.

According to Deputy President Thapa, more than 60 people from 12 families have been kept in the local Thumathala Basic School due to the landslide.

According to the displaced family, they managed to save some grain leaves, rags and other property kept inside the house. As the rain continues, landslides are still happening regularly.

Other settlements in Gaumul are also at high risk of landslides. Even in the year 2077, most of the settlements of 1 and 2 of the municipality were affected by landslides.

Hundreds of bighas of land were damaged and dozens of animals died. At that time too, since the rescue was not possible on behalf of the municipality, a team led by the home minister of the then government arrived in Bajura to study the situation.

The geologist had suggested that the human settlement of 16 more villages out of the previous 27 villages should be moved.

Based on the same recommendation, an amount of Rs 74 crore was also allocated for testing integrated settlement development in 2072. At present, there is no implementation and continuation of it.

More than two thousand families of Bajura are now at high risk of landslides. Even now, they are forced to stay awake all night.

Locals say that the steep and steep land, the fear of landslides from all sides and the land and houses torn apart by the occasional earthquake are even more dangerous.

Even though the district administration office has said that there should be preparations at the municipal level and the administration has also been prepared at the district level.

(News Source: Rashtriya Samachar Samiti)