1,175 workers selected to go to Israel

Kathmandu: The list of 1,175 workers shortlisted to go to Israel has been made public. The Department of Foreign Employment had sent to the Israeli government the names of 1,600 people who had passed the language and interview exams among those who wanted to go to Israel for employment.

The Population and Immigration Authority of Israel (PIBA) has selected and sent the names of 821 female and 354 male workers through a computerized lottery system. Once the selected persons and the employer have an employment agreement, they will be able to go to Israel.

The selected workers have to work 42 hours a week. Workers have to pay for food themselves. Initially, a one-year contract can be extended for up to five years. The workers will have to bear the estimated cost of 165,700 rupees to go to Israel. There are also prescribed income tax and other taxes.