World Cup qualifiers: Nepal playing against Jordan today

File Photo National football team of Nepal. Photo Courtesy: ANFA

Kathmandu: Nepal is playing football with Jordan today under the selection of World Cup 2022 and Asia Cup 2023. Nepal is playing seventh in Group B under the selection being held in Kuwait.

The game will start at Jaber Al Ahmed International Stadium in Kuwait City at 9.45 pm Nepali time.

Nepal has already boosted its confidence by defeating Chinese Taipei 2-0. Nepal needs to win today to reach the third round qualifiers for the Asia Cup. But Jordan is a stronger team than Nepal and so far Nepal has not been able to defeat Jordan.

Nepal had lost 3-0 to Jordan in the away match of the selection.

Nepali coach Abdullah Almutairi said that Jordan will play for the victory even though it is a strong team. He said in the pre-catch conference on Sunday that every game would start from 0-0 and he would enter the field with the same goal.

Almutairi said an earlier study against Chinese Taipei had made it possible for him to win, adding that he is preparing for his victory against Jordan.

Almutairi said that the mentality of the players has changed now and the mentality of the players will also play an important role in the outcome.