Workers’ Information Bank to come into operation within a year

Kathmandu: Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security is all set to bring the ‘Workers’ Information bank’ into operation within a year, aiming at connecting employers with employees.
According to the ministry, through this bank, once can obtain information in an integrated manner about the number of people who can earn labor in agriculture, industry, hotel, foreign employment and other sectors based on their skills, abilities and efficiency.

Minister for Labor, Employment and Social Security Rameshwar Ray Yadav had inaugurated the Workers’ Information Bank through a virtual program on August 30 amid the Corona epidemic.

Inaugurating the Labor Information Bank, Minister Yadav had said that the objective of the bank is to collect the details of the unemployed youth, impart necessary training to them and help them to find employment as per the needs of the employers.

The bank is expected to bring a lot of convenience to the workers and employers as it will also provide information on the work done in the market and employment opportunities in different sectors along with the workers and employers.

It will also provide factual information on the policies, strategies and programs to be taken by the government to make the labor market more systematic.

The ministry has stated that the labor information bank will be operated under the Prime Minister’s Employment Program. The details of knowledge, skill capacity, efficiency and experience of the manpower in the age group of 18 to 59 years will be collected and on the same basis the employers can choose and employ as per the need, the ministry said.

The ministry has also prepared a preliminary draft for the operation of the Labor Information Bank. The information in the Employment Management Information System (EIMS) will be collected and posted on the Worker’s Bank’s website. The ministry has stated that a data portal will be set up by developing an integrated system with interrelationships with data from different sectors.

The bank aims to bridge the gap between job-seeking workers and employer-seeking employees. Skill Development Training Centers will also be brought into operation in all the provinces this bank.