Viber becomes first social networking site to be registered in Nepal

Kathmandu: The popular social networking app Viber has been officially listed in Nepal, marking a significant milestone in the country’s digital landscape. The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology has confirmed this groundbreaking move, citing compliance with the recently introduced ‘Directive 2080 on Regulating the Use of Social Networks.’

This directive was crafted to streamline and regulate the utilization of social networks within the country. The ministry revealed that Viber successfully completed the rigorous listing process outlined in the directive, thereby earning its official recognition as a social network in Nepal.

Moreover, LinkedIn, another prominent social networking platform, is currently undergoing the listing procedure. Although the application for LinkedIn’s listing was submitted earlier, the necessary documentation is still pending.

Adding to the momentum, Snapchat is also gearing up to initiate the listing process.

The ‘Directive 2080 on Regulating the Use of Social Networks’ mandates that all social media platforms operating within Nepal must undergo the listing process. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the prohibition of unlisted social media platforms from operating within the nation’s borders.

However, the listing process has encountered resistance from some major social media companies. This milestone marks a significant step forward in Nepal’s digital governance framework, emphasizing the government’s commitment to ensuring transparency and accountability in the realm of social networking platforms.