Vaccinated Nepali workers are free to enter Bahrain

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Kathmandu: Bahrain is set to lift a travel ban on Nepali workers.

By removing Nepal from the red list, Bahrain has opened the movement of Nepalis, according to the Nepali embassy there.

To prevent corona infection, Bahrain had placed various countries on the red list and imposed various restrictions on international travel.

However, the Nepalese embassy in Bahrain has stated that Bahrain has decided to remove Nepal from the red list country from 12 noon on Saturday, November 14.

With this decision of the Bahraini government, Nepali workers will now be able to go to Bahrain for employment. Those who receive both doses of the World Health Organization-recognized vaccine against corona do not have to remain in quarantine once they arrive in Bahrain.

Passengers traveling to Bahrain must carry an English-language vaccination certificate with a QR code.

Passengers who have not been vaccinated or have received only one dose must remain in quarantine for 10 days at the place of their residence or at a place designated by the Ministry of Health of Bahrain.

Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated passengers should undergo PCR testing at the airport and on the fifth and tenth day after arrival in Bahrain.