USD value exceeds 131 rupees

Kathmandu: Nepali currency has become more weak. For last few days, dollar value is setting a new record every other day. And the Nepalese currency has been weakening continuously.

Recently, the US central bank, the Federal Reserve (Fed), increased the interest rate, and the value of the dollar, which is about to increase, has made the Nepali Rupee the weakest in history.

The price of the dollar, which increased from the price of about 2 months ago last Friday, has been increasing every day since then, making new records.

For Thursday, the exchange rate (selling rate) of one US dollar reached 130 rupees and 81 paise. Similarly, the purchase price set by the National Rastra Bank is 131 rupees 41 paise.

Last Friday, the selling price of 1 US dollar was 129 rupees 68 paisa and the buying price was 129 rupees 8 paisa.