US provides 100 units of ventilator to Nepal in response to Covid-19

Photo Courtesy: US Embassy

Kathmandu: The United States Government, through its United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has donated 100 modern ventilators to help Nepal in its fight against COVID-19.

“For more than 70 years, the United States has stood with Nepal through partnerships in all situations, including disasters, conflicts and difficult situations. Continuing this cooperation, today we are assisting the Nepali people in the hour of the Covid-19 epidemic,” reads a press statement issued by the embassy today.

The statement further stated that the United States stands with the Nepalese people in the fight against this epidemic, which has deeply affected both our countries as the United States, the world and Nepal face the growing epidemic of COVID-19. To help ease the pressure on some of the most severely infected, the US government has provided ventilators to help even the most remote communities, added the statement.

In today’s program, US Ambassador Randy Berry said, “The United States is committed to a partnership with Nepal, both for good and for bad. Through these ventilators, we want to help Nepali families so that they can be ready to help their loved ones who are most affected by COVID-19. ”

In addition to the ventilator, USAID’s programs have assisted 113 municipal liaison identification and infection research teams, provided telephone counseling to nearly 2 million families, conducted on-site health counseling for more than 500,000 families during captivity, identified more than 60,000 food insecure families and provided food assistance.

The program has reached out to more than 14 million people with mass media messages about Kovid-19.

USAID is also financing a special ventilator support package that includes accompanying equipment, service planning and technical assistance. The donation is in addition to the Rs 3.4 billion provided by USAID to active projects in Nepal in response to the epidemic.