UAE imposes new laws for immigrant workers

FILE PHOTO: The skyline is seen with the Burj Khalifa as ships dock at Port Rashid, in Dubai May 26, 2013. Photo Courtesy: Reuters

Kathmandu: The new labor law implemented by the UAE government has come into force from today, February 2.

According to the old labor law of UAE, there were two types of contract agreement, limited and unlimited. But the new labor law only specifies a limited contract.

During the first six-month probationary period, the employer could have fired the worker without any notice. But the new labor law now requires workers to be notified for at least 14 days before being fired.

Now, if the worker wants to change their job, they have to give one month notice to the employer and 14 days prior notice if they want to leave the country.

In case of changing employers, the new employer will have to coordinate with the old employer for the visa and recruitment process.

If the worker leaves the country after giving prior notice to the company, they will be able to go to UAE for another new job within three months.
However, employers can request the UAE Department of Labor to ban workers from entering the UAE for up to a year if they leave the country without informing them.