Two cases of Omicron confirmed in Nepal

Kathmandu: A new variant of corona virus ‘Omicron’ has been confirmed in Nepal too.

At a press conference organized by the Ministry of Health on Monday, Joint Spokesperson Sameer Kumar Adhikari said that Omicron infection has also been confirmed in Nepal.

A 66-year-old foreign national and another 71-year-old Nepali national who was in contact with him have been confirmed to have omicron infection on December 6. According to the ministry, they were tested on November 23.

Both were vaccinated against the corona virus. Meanwhile, the results of the contact tracing of 66 people were negative

Both the infected people are currently in isolation as per the criteria set by the government. At present, they have no symptoms and are being monitored by health workers, the ministry said. According to the Joint Spokesperson, the tracing of the contacts of 66 people who came in contact with the two persons had negative results and all of them were found to be healthy.