Two arrested for swindling by advertising computers and laptops on social media

Kathmandu: The Lalitpur Police has made public the scammers who sell electronic goods online. The Lalitpur police station has made public the names of the two swindlers by holding a press conference.

Among the arrested are Pramod Sah of Parsa and Mewalal Sah of Bahudarmai. Both of them had advertised on Facebook and WhatsApp saying that they would provide goods like computers, mobiles, watches and laptops at cheaper than the market price.

According to the police, Pramod Sah was arrested from Parsa and Mewalal Sah from Kathmandu on the basis of a complaint lodged by Pravin Prasad Sah. Police said the investigation revealed that the gang of arrested persons had cheated more than Rs 10 million from than a dozen people.

The police has also urged to be vigilant saying that gangs have been active in opening fake accounts, showing various temptations, advertising and then cheating the people who come in contact with them.