Tribhuvan University preparing to reopen colleges

Photo courtesy: Narayan Maharjan

Kathmandu: Tribhuvan Univesrsity is preparing to resume studies in all campuses under it.

After the decision of the meeting of the executive council of TU, the study which was stopped due to corona infection is about to start again.

TU has stated that it will conduct the classes in physical presence. If not possible in physical presence, other alternative methods will be adopted. According to Dr. Peshal Dahal, Registrar Professor of Tribhuvan University, the campus can be operated by attending physically with the approval of the municipality. But if there is a risk of corona, alternative methods including online should be continued.

In places where there is no risk of corona, there is no need to teach through alternative means. In case the municipality does not give permission to conduct the class in physical form, the study should be conducted through alternative means, stated the university.

Even now, classes are being conducted in Jumla, Bhojpur, Ilam, Tehrathum and other places in the physical presence of teachers and students. Municipalities have also given permission to run schools in those places. Classes can be conducted in other hilly areas as well. Classes can be conducted physically in such places with the approval of the municipality, TU states.

Just because the risk of corona is reduced now does not mean that there is no risk again in the classroom. TU has stated that extreme caution will be exercised while conducting classes.

Tribhuvan University has conducted some examinations which were stopped due to corona. The rest of the exams are being prepared to start by mid-December. The Examination Controller Office has informed that the examination is going to be held at the undergraduate level in the first phase.

According to the office, after the completion of the first phase of the examination, the examinations of the postgraduate level will be held in January and the rest of the examinations of the other years will be held respectively.