Tourism ministry urge to complain if any irregularities found in chartered flight

Kathmandu: The Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has called upon the foreign nationals to drop a complaint with the Ministry if they come to know about the irregularities in the chartered flights issued for repatriation flight from Nepal.

Stating that the government has now allowed chartered flights to repatriate foreigners who have come to Nepal for mountaineering, tourism and diplomatic purposes, the ministry has called on the ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to lodge a complaint if they come to know about the irregularities in those flights.

Ministry spokesperson Taranath Adhikari issued a statement on Wednesday. saying, recently, even Indian nationals living in Nepal have been allowed to go abroad on chartered flights.

For this, Nepal Airlines Corporation and Himalayan Airlines have got permission for a total of 10 flights. The ministry said the chartered flight was allowed as per the embassy’s request, adding that the government had only facilitated it.

Earlier, the businessmen had demanded to open regular flights by giving priority to Nepal Airlines saying that some limited people would be involved in the chartered flight.