The stock market plunged by more than 30 points

Kathmandu: On Sunday, the first day of the week, the stock market fell to a high point. The Nepse index, which has been declining since the start of trading, has declined by more than 108 points at the close of trading day.

The Nepse index has dropped by 108.26 points to 2,818.72 points. In the afternoon, the price dropped by five percent and there was even a circuit break. There were signs that the open market, which had been closed for 40 minutes, would recover.

Share prices of more than two dozen companies have plummeted as the Nepse index fell by higher numbers.

There is a rule that the price of a company cannot fluctuate more than 10 percent in one day. The number of companies that have declined by an average of 10 percent has reached 30.