The CPN-Yekikrit Samajbadi party led by Madhav Nepal got legitimacy

Kathmandu: The party formed by the leaders who split from the CPN-UML has registered as the Yekikrit Samajbadi (Unified Socialist) at Election Commission. The commission on Wednesday issued a registration certificate to former CPN-UML general secretary and former prime minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.

A total of 58 central members of the CPN-UML had applied for registration of new parties after the government brought an ordinance on political parties to split the parties by increasing the number of parties in the federal parliament to 20 percent.

Of them, 56 have agreed for the new party. The CPN-UML had filed a petition stating that 10 of the 14 members of the House of Representatives and Prakash Jwala of Karnali were central members and should not be agreed. This was also discussed in the commission. The commission has decided that 55 people have been identified for the registration of new parties and even if 10 people are reduced, the parties will be registered as per the ordinance.