Thai-Nepal Friendship Association established to boost bilateral relations

Kathmandu: A new chapter in diplomatic relations between Nepal and Thailand unfolds with the formation of the Thai-Nepal Friendship Association, spearheaded by prominent figures including Everest summiteers and business leader Kun Vitidnan Rojananpanitch. The association was officially recognized at an event hosted by Nepal’s ambassador to Thailand, Dhan Bahadur Oli, at his residence recently.

Entrepreneurs Kanchha Gurung, known as Gabo, and Kampanard Anukul have been appointed as vice-presidents of the association, reflecting a commitment to foster closer ties through business and cultural exchange.

Ambassador Oli commended the pivotal role played by Nepali and Thai businesspersons in strengthening people-to-people relations between the two nations. “The Thai-Nepal Friendship Association is poised to become a cornerstone for enhancing bilateral ties,” he remarked during the ceremony.

President Kun Vitidnan Rojananpanitch, renowned for leading a successful Everest expedition in 2008 with Vietnamese climbers, highlighted the association’s commitment to promoting mutual understanding and collaboration.

Vice-President Gabo, owner of Mitra Clothings in Thailand, and Anukul, engaged in the real estate sector, expressed enthusiasm about their roles in advancing the association’s objectives. A diverse group of individuals, including Krit Kunplin, Shree Hari Acharya, Karma Gurung, and others, form the core membership of the association.

Plans are underway to convene a full executive board meeting shortly to outline strategic initiatives and expand membership. The association has also named Bhante Anil Shakya and Ambassador Dhan Bahadur Oli as its patrons, with Karma Rana and Beni Lkhak serving as advisors.

“The primary goal of the association is to strengthen friendly ties between Nepal and Thailand, fostering increased bilateral support and cooperation,” emphasized Vice-President Gabo.

As Nepal and Thailand embark on this new collaborative journey, the Thai-Nepal Friendship Association emerges as a promising platform to deepen cultural exchanges, business partnerships, and diplomatic engagements between the two nations.