Telecom’s 4G service reached all districts

Kathmandu: Nepal Telecom’s 4G service has reached all 77 districts.

Nepal Telecom, a government-owned company that started 4G service from Kathmandu and Pokhara for the first time in 2016, has expanded 4G service in all 77 districts.

According to the company, the quality of the service would not be consistent as the geographical and terrestrial conditions would have a direct impact on the quality of the service. Stating that many customers are complaining about the quality along with the expansion of 4G in all the districts, the telco has urged to pay attention to the use of mobile sets while using 4G.

Telecom on Saturday issued a notice requesting 4G service users to purchase new mobile sets with information about the 1,800 MHz and 800 MHz bands and ensure that they can buy 4G service from both bands.

Telecom’s 4G service has been available in 1,800 MHz (Band 3) and 800 MHz (Band 20). “4G service is available through the band of 800 MHz in areas with relatively low population density and wide geography and 1,800 MHz in areas with high population density. “Any user of the 4G mobile service can use both the 800 MHz and 1,800 MHz bands in addition to the company’s network access as they enter the band’s sphere of influence from one band’s spread area to another,” said a statement issued by the telco.

Although most of the mobile sets available in the market can easily use the 1,800 MHz band Forge service, some mobile sets do not accept the 4G service broadcast from the 800 MHz band, the telco said. The telco has clarified that the quality of the company’s 4G service is not good due to the lack of mobile sets running in both bands.