Tatopani checkpoint resumes after 10 days

Photo Courtesy: Rastriya Samachar Samiti (RSS)

Kathmandu: The Tatopani checkpoint has been re-opened on Monday after 10 days of gap. According to the Tatopani Customs Office, the traders can now import as many goods as they want from the Tatopani checkpoint after the checkpoint was reopened for a year.

The Tatopani Customs Office said Khatri said that the quota of containers entering Nepal has also been removed with the opening of the checkpoint.

According to to the customs office, Nepali traders can bring in as many goods as they want through the Tatopani checkpoint. Stating that the Chinese side has requested to import the goods through the checkpoint safely.

The Rasuwagadhi checkpoint, which has been closed due to Lhosar, has not been reopened yet. In an informal conversation, the Chinese side said that the checkpoint would be reopened from this Tuesday, but no further information was received after that.