Supreme Court launches online case registration system

Kathmandu: Supreme Court of Nepal has inaugurated an online registration system for cases and automated notification of the cause list, effective immediately.

Chief Justice Bishowambhar Prasad Shrestha heralded the launch, expressing confidence that this digital service would significantly benefit citizens, particularly those residing in remote areas. He underscored the court’s commitment to gradually implementing this system across high and district courts, urging cooperation from all stakeholders to ensure its success.

With this new system, individuals and firms can now register cases remotely, reducing both time and costs associated with in-person registrations.

Notably, the Supreme Court has announced that the service will be provided free of charge, further enhancing inclusivity within the legal system. Moreover, the transition towards paperless operations and digital case management is expected to streamline processes and facilitate easier archival management.

This initiative marks a significant milestone in modernizing Nepal’s judiciary, making legal recourse more accessible and efficient for all citizens.