Stakeholders ask to withdraw FDI in agro sector

Kathmandu: Stakeholders related to agriculture sector have said that the government’s decision to attract foreign direct investment in Nepal’s agricultural sector is wrong.

The Dairy Industry Association, Nepal Dairy Association among other orgnizations held a joint press conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday and said that the government’s decision to bring foreign investment in agriculture sector should be reversed.

The stakeholders said that the government has taken an opaque decision in the face of billions of rupees being invested in the agricultural sector by the private sector. Speaking at a press conference, Nepal Dairy Association President Radha Krishna Sapkota said that attracting foreign investment in agriculture would have a long-term impact on the country’s economy. He said that the steps taken against the interest of the farmers should be taken back immediately without consulting the stakeholders in the sector where billions of rupees are being invested by the private sector.

Former president of the Nepal Dairy Association, Sumit Kedia, said that it would be wrong to bring in foreign investment when there is a return on investment. He said that these steps should be taken back immediately as the government has already published it in the Nepal Gazette without informing anyone.

The government has decided to open foreign direct investment in the agricultural sector related to dairy industry, animal husbandry, bee keeping, fish farming, fruits, vegetables and other agricultural primary products with conditions in the agricultural sector.

Stakeholders in the agricultural sector, who came to know only after it was published in the Gazette, have demanded immediate reversal of the government’s decision. They have also said that various struggle programs will be launched to overturn such a decision.