Social campaigner Iih leads 108-Minute protest against Lalitpur Metropolitan City’s sidewalk shop removal

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Kathmandu: In a bold move against the Lalitpur Metropolitan City’s decision to clear sidewalk shops, renowned social campaigner Iih has initiated a 108-minute protest in front of the Lalitpur Metropolitan City (LMC) office. The demonstration comes in response to LMC’s recent resolution to remove sidewalk traders without providing an alternative arrangement.

Commencing at approximately 3 PM today, Iih, accompanied by supportive youths, is staging the protest at the LMC office. The gathering is marked by placard-waving demonstrators advocating for compassion, inclusivity, and harmony, urging authorities not to undermine the dreams of Lalitpur.
Slogans such as “Eliminate poverty, not the poor” and “Don’t kill the spirit and dreams of Lalitpur” echo the protesters’ plea for a more considerate approach.

In a counter move, the Lalitpur Metropolitan City has responded to the protest by displaying banners that assert, “Footpaths are not made for keeping goods and shops; they are made for people to walk” and “The footpath is the pedestrian’s first right.”

This protest follows Iih’s previous 199-hour demonstration in front of the National Assembly, where he opposed the removal of street vendors from the sidewalk by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City. The earlier protest resulted in an agreement between Kathmandu Metropolitan City and Iih, focusing on the management of sidewalk shops and related issues.
As the 108-minute protest unfolds, attention is drawn to the ongoing dialogue between Iih and Lalitpur Metropolitan City officials regarding the fate of sidewalk traders.