Six suspended over leaked exam papers at Mid-West University

Kathmandu: Six individuals, including Nagendra Saud, the head of examination management at Mid-West University (MU), have been suspended on allegations of leaking question papers for the sixth-semester examination on the design of structure subject in the graduate school of engineering.

The Vice-Chancellor, Professor Dr Nanda Bahadur Singh, announced the suspension, revealing that the scheduled examination on December 19 had to be canceled due to the question paper leak.

An investigation is currently underway to address the malpractice within the examination administration. “We observed wrongdoing within the examination administration when the question papers were leaked,” stated Vice-Chancellor Singh. “Now, an investigation is underway, and we have suspended six individuals, including the head of examination administration.”

According to Vice-Chancellor Singh, new personnel have taken charge, and a rescheduled examination is in the works. The incident has raised concerns about the integrity of the university’s examination process.

“This is an old practice of leaking question papers to aid students in passing exams. Given that this matter concerns the university’s honor, we will take action against those engaged in such activities,” he said.

Vice-Chancellor Singh disclosed that he received the leaked question paper on his mobile phone on the evening of December 18, prompting him to halt the scheduled exam the next day after confirming its authenticity.

However, the handling of the situation has led to criticism from various professors’ organizations, accusing Vice-Chancellor Singh of being weak. Five professors’ associations are now urging an investigation by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) and the district administration to ensure a fair examination process, citing a serious error on the part of the vice-chancellor in addressing the matter.