Singha Durbar introduces online entry pass system for administrative center

Kathmandu: In a move towards modernizing entry procedures, Singha Durbar, the focal point of Nepal’s administrative activities, is embracing a user-friendly and technologically advanced approach. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MoHA) has unveiled the Singhadurbar Smart Gate Pass, an online entry pass system aimed at simplifying entry management processes.

Commencing today, a trial phase of the e-gate pass system is being piloted for individuals entering the Ministry of Home Affairs. This innovative initiative is designed to streamline entry procedures and enhance convenience for visitors accessing Singha Durbar.

Spokesperson for the home ministry, Narayan Prasad Bhattarai, announced that individuals can request an e-gate pass featuring a QR code through a dedicated website established for this purpose.

Upon approval by the MoHA, applicants will receive the e-gate pass electronically, which must be presented for entry into Singha Durbar.

The e-gate pass can be acquired by visiting the website ‘’.

Following the successful completion of the trial phase, the e-gate pass system will be expanded to encompass all ministries and agencies located within Singha Durbar, in accordance with the MoHA’s official statement.

This initiative reflects Singha Durbar’s commitment to leveraging technology for efficient governance and ensuring a seamless experience for visitors and officials alike. Stay tuned for further updates as Singha Durbar continues to modernize its administrative processes.