Significant increase in the use of Connect IPS and QR codes

Kathmandu: Both Connect IPS and QR code syllable usage and payment amounts, which have become easy means of payment, have increased significantly. People were more attracted to e-commerce during the Corona epidemic. Due to which e-commerce has been increasing significantly in recent times.

According to the Nepal Rastra Bank, the number of connected IPS transactions has almost doubled in December compared to July.

According to the statistics, the number of transactions increased from 696,447 in July to 12,17,310 in December. Similarly, 6 lakh 33 thousand 134 in July, 8 lakh 95 thousand 586 in August, 12 lakh 59 thousand 291 in September, and 10 lakh 28 thousand 37 in November were traded through Connect IPS.

Connect IPS also had a turnover of Rs 51 billion in June and Rs 90 billion in December.

Similarly, the number of people paying by QR code has also increased tremendously. Out of 195,016 transactions in the month of July, 343,574 transactions were scanned in December and the amount was paid.

According to the central bank, 1,79,150 transactions were scanned in August, 265,125 in October and 241,818 in November.

Also, the payment from QR code has increased. A turnover of Rs 589 million was made in July last year and Rs 1.25 billion has been paid by scanning the QR code in December alone.