SD Muni says that India has come out openly in favor of elections in Nepal

Kathmandu: Expert SD Muni, who has been closely monitoring Nepal-India relations and Nepal’s internal affairs for a long time, has claimed that India has come out openly in favor of a fresh mandate in Nepal.

In an article in the Hindustan Times, Muni said that India was squashing the Hindutva movement in Nepal amid differences within the ruling Communist Party of Nepal, China’s role in resolving them and recent visits between the two countries.

He also mentioned that there was an attempt to create a new political equation between the royalists and political parties in Nepal. He said, “In the midst of all these developments, India is now openly in favor of a fresh mandate in Nepal.”

“All of these developments will portray India as an undemocratic, unconstitutional and opportunistic player in Nepal, and strategists in the South Bloc see it as a small price to pay,” he said.

He also mentioned that for the last few months in Nepal, India has tried to present itself very carefully and skillfully by playing cards without interfering in internal affairs.

He also elaborated on the 1950 peace and friendship treaty. He noted that Nepal, which was in favor of amending the treaty, had failed to clarify how to balance India’s security interests and its development aspirations. He said, “Without this balance, there is no possibility of a new treaty and Nepal is not in favor of repealing the old treaty.”