Rs 152 million garlands sold during Tihar

Kathmandu: Garlands worth Rs 152 million have been sold during this year’s Tihar festival.

According to the Floriculture Association of Nepal, garlands worth Rs. 152.07 million produced in Nepal were sold during the festival.

According to the association, 85 percent of the demand for flower garlands has been met by Nepal-produced flowers and 15 percent has been imported due to the decline in production due to inclement weather.

It is estimated that 15-20 days before the start of the festival without coordination from non-florists, large quantities of flower garlands were imported from India and stored in cold stores, exceeding the market demand. Flower growers have complained that 15 percent of 100-petalled flower garlands have to be discarded due to Indian garlands.

According to the association, there is growing concern that the businessmen involved in the product will flee as they are discouraged due to the lack of market for Nepali products due to imported flowers.