Retail trade halted in Kalimati vegetable market

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Kathmandu: Retail trade from the Kalimati fruit and vegetable market has been halted citing increased corona risk due to overcrowding. According to the Market Development Committee, it has been decided to close the retail trade of fruits and vegetables for the duration of the prohibitory order after monitoring by the District Administration Office, Kathmandu on Tuesday.

The committee has stated that the decision was taken to close the retail business after finding that the market has become crowded.

The farmers’ market at the front of the market and the vacant area selling vegetables at retail would be gradually closed while the retail trade of vegetables is not allowed in the wholesale market at present.

Wholesale vegetables and fruits will be traded regularly from the stalls in the market. The committee has stated that the ‘action yard’ inside the market has been kept open so that farmers from different parts of the country can sell their vegetables directly. Farmers can bring their produce to the yard and sell it.