Reliance Jio successfully tests 5G in US, preparing to bring in India

Kathmandu: Indian company Reliance Jio is also competing in the expansion of the next generation 5G network. Indian company, including billionaire businessman Mukesh Ambani’s company, has tested 5G in the United States.
According to the report, Reliance Jio’s fifth generation technology 5G has been successfully tested in the US. According to Indian media, 5G will be tested in India soon. But so far no spectrum has been made available for testing of 5G in India.
According to the information, Reliance Jio in collaboration with the American technology company Qualcomm has successfully tested the 5G in the United States. This has been informed in the program conducted through virtual medium.
Matthew Oman, head of Reliance Jio, said at the Quancom event that he was working with Qualcomm and Reliance’s subsidiary company Radices on 5G technology. He said that the technology will be introduced in India soon and the internet will be available at the speed of 1 Gbps.
Jio and Qualcomm will work together on Reliance Jio 5G NR Solutions and Qualcomm 5G RAN platforms with speeds of more than 1 Gbps.
At present, 1 GBS speed internet is being made available to 5G customers in countries like USA, South Korea, Australia, Switzerland and Germany all over the world. Qualcomm has invested Rs 7.30 billion in Jeo. This facility will soon be available in India as well.
Qualcomm has invested Rs 7.30 billion for a 0.15 percent stake in the Jio platform. About three months ago, at the general assembly of Reliance Industries on July 15, Reliance Jio chief Mukesh Ambani announced that 5G services would soon be available to Indian consumers.
He said that with the development of technology for home use and availability of spectrum, Reliance Jio is ready to test 5G technology. Testing of 5G technology in the United States has paved the way for the expansion of the technology abroad.
Despite successful testing in the United States, the technology and other facilities required for 5G have not been made available in India. All the parameters of the technology have been successful. Durga Malladi, Vice President, Qualcomm, expressed the belief that a high quality technology has been developed in collaboration with Jio and will work effectively.
Reliance Jio is expected to make its presence felt in China, where it has imposed sanctions on Chinese company Huawei. But it is not easy for Reliance, which has just discovered technology in front of Huawei, to run together.