Public vehicle movement prohibited on election day

Kathmandu: Public vehicle movement has been prohibited on the election day, that is a week away.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has made it easier for vehicles to operate on the day of voting on November 20. In the previous elections, most of the vehicles operating on the polling day were required to obtain a pass from the commission or the office designated by the commission, but this year, there is no need to obtain permission to drive the vehicles of the specified service and area.

In the notice issued by the commission, it is mentioned that ambulances, fire engines, water tankers, milk vehicles, vehicles used for fruit and vegetables and electricity services, telecommunications and cables can be driven freely.

Similarly, vehicles used by journalists, vehicles used by health workers and employees working in hospitals, vehicles used by people without a certificate issued by the Election Commission, and vehicles with green number plates carrying tourists do not need permission to drive.

Similarly, the commission said that the vehicles used by officials and employees of diplomatic missions, security personnel and employees and volunteers working at polling stations will also be allowed to run freely.