Province 1 government purchasing PCR machine

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Kathmandu: The provincial government has started the process of purchasing a PCR machine to check corona at a time when vaccine against COVID-19 has to be brought.

The provincial public health laboratory has started the process of purchasing automatic RT PCR machine. A tender has been invited on January 26 for the purchase of the machine at a cost of Rs 25 million.

There are four PCR machines in the province 1 public health laboratory, of which only one is in operation. Two portable machines are stuck. Ross Company’s machine reagent kit, which is subsidized by the Swiss government, is unused.

But the state public health laboratory has operated only one machine for corona testing.

There are PCR machines in Koshi Hospital, VP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan, Mechi Hospital, Jhapa and State Public Health Laboratory. PCR machines are also in operation at Virat Medical College, Nobel Medical College and Neuro Hospital. Labs are not running at full capacity today due to insufficient swabs for testing.

But the province public health laboratory is preparing to purchase a new PCR machine. The machines of two Chinese and one Ross company are unused in the laboratory of Province 1. If damaged, there is a two-year warranty for repairs.

The Ministry of Social Development has allocated Rs. 41.39 million for the purchase of machinery and equipment for the current fiscal year.