Protesters break into Sri Lankan President’s house

Sri Lankan Citizens swimming at swimming pool of Presidential Residence . Photo Courtesy: BBC video

(BBC): Thousands of demonstrators have made their way into the Colombo residence of President Rajapaska, as shown in this footage.

The protesters crowded into the building, roving through bedrooms, bathrooms and grand halls.

As reported by BBC, It’s not clear where President Gotabaya Rajapkaksa is right now – but defence officials say he was whisked away before crowds entered his residence.

Months of mounting anger boiled over on Saturday – a video has been leaked where crowds taking a dip in the pool that used to be used by the president after they stormed his residence.

There have been months of protests as the country literally ran out of foreign currency – and it now can’t afford to buy basics, such as fuel, food and medicine.

It’s the worst economic crisis in the island since independence more than 70 years ago.

The president and his family, who have been in power for years, are widely blamed.

Thousands of heavily armed troops and police were deployed in Sri Lanka’s capital on Friday ahead of the planned protests.

The authorities tried to stop them by announcing a curfew on Friday night but it was lifted after opposition parties and civil society groups strongly objected. The bar association threatened to sue the police chief.

It has also been reported that the protesters have now entered the official residence of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe, who has just agreed to resign.