Proposal to build Nepal-China railway through Everest region

Photo Courtesy: Department of Survey

Kathmandu: A technical team that has studied the proposed Nepal-China railway project has suggested to operate the Nepal-China railway through the Everest region.

According to the South China Morning Post published from China, an engineer involved in the long-awaited railway project for Nepal has suggested to take the train to Nepal by constructing an underground tunnel through the Everest region .

The proposed railway line is home to various protected wildlife habitats. But that part is not mentioned in the news. The construction of the railway is said to cost eight billion US dollars. According to the study report published on Wednesday in Railway Standard Design, 30 kilometers of the railway will pass through the Everest region.

In the Everest region, the railway will be completely underground. Six routes have been proposed for the 1,000-kilometer railway line to be extended to the border areas of the two countries. It is said that the debate has focused on taking the railway through the Everest region from the proposed route.

Other routes are said to be long, expensive and geographically difficult.

China and Nepal had signed an agreement in 2016 to build a railway connecting the two countries. The railway is part of China’s Belt and Road Initiative.