Prime Minister is tapping the phones of the leaders: Barshaman Pun

Kathmandu: Outgoing minister and CPN-Prachanda-Madhav group leader Barshaman Pun has accused Prime Minister KP Oli of illegally tapping the telephones of political party leaders.

Speaking at a rally in Rolpa’s Liwang on Tuesday against the dissolution of the House of Representatives, Pun accused the prime minister of doing so to intimidate leaders.

Stating that the abuse of power and authority was a matter of just a few days, Pun said that they would not be intimidated by the threat of power and authority.

Unnaturally, people from the international intelligence community met the prime minister and returned, and they took the dissolution of the parliament seriously while the prime minister was talking about collusion with the former king, Pun said.

Pun warned that if the reactionary steps taken by the Prime Minister were not implemented, he would go for a tougher movement.

Rolpali leader Pun said that federalism, secularism, inclusion, and anti-republican elements were trying to use the disgruntled elements as an opportunity to fish in murky waters after the dissolution of the parliament.