Price inflation up by 7.28 pc

Kathmandu: The y-o-y consumer price inflation has stood at 7.28 percent in the ninth month of 2021/22 compared to 3.10 percent a year ago.

According to a report published by the Nepal Rashtra Bank (NRB) food and beverage inflation stood at 7.40 percent whereas non-food and service inflation stood at 7.18 percent in the review month.

Average inflation remained 5.62 percent during the review period. Under the food and beverage category, the prices of ghee & oil, milk products & eggs, pulses & legumes, and tobacco products sub-categories rose by 28.36 percent, 11.56 percent, 10.53 and 8.91
percent respectively on a y-o-y basis.

Likewise, under the non-food and services category, the prices of
transportation, education, and miscellaneous goods & services sub-categories rose by 20.16 percent, 8.79 percent, and 8.17 percent respectively on a y-o-y basis.