President Paudel set to embark on diplomatic tour to Switzerland and Germany

Kathmandu: President Ram Chandra Paudel is gearing up for a diplomatic journey to Switzerland and Germany, as confirmed by Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Rekha Sharma, following a cabinet meeting convened on Thursday.

Minister Sharma announced that the cabinet greenlit President Paudel’s visit, slated to commence from June 13. The presidential itinerary encompasses engagements in both Switzerland and Germany, aimed at fostering bilateral ties and advancing Nepal’s interests on the global stage.

President Paudel’s inaugural destination will be Geneva, Switzerland, where he is scheduled to lead the Nepalese delegation and participate in the 112th session of the International Labor Conference. This pivotal engagement underscores Nepal’s commitment to global labor issues and signifies the nation’s active involvement in international forums.

Subsequently, President Paudel will extend his diplomatic outreach to Germany, consolidating diplomatic relations and exploring avenues for enhanced collaboration between the two nations. Details regarding the agenda and specific engagements during his visit to Germany are yet to be disclosed.

The upcoming diplomatic tour underscores Nepal’s proactive diplomacy efforts aimed at strengthening partnerships, fostering economic cooperation, and promoting mutual understanding with key international stakeholders.