Preparations to vaccinate citizens above 55 years of age from March 7

Kathmandu: The government is preparing to give corona vaccine to the general public starting from March 7.

The vaccination campaign was launched on January 27 after India provided one million doses of vaccine. In the first phase, the government aimed to vaccinate 430,000 frontliners, including health workers and cleaners. But in the 11th day of the campaign, only 184,857 people were vaccinated across the country.

Journalists have been vaccinated till today starting from Monday while government employees, bank employees, local level people’s representatives, employees posted at border security posts and those involved in the first phase will be vaccinated from February 14 to 20. For which, the vaccination centers will be set up to the local levels.

While the senior citizens were on the priority list made by the government itself after the frontline workers. Public health experts have also been saying that senior citizens and the chronically ill should be given priority even though every citizen has the right to get vaccinated.

It is planned to go to the community saying that more vaccines are sure to come. The Ministry of Health and Population has stated that the work is being done as per the plan to vaccinate the age group above 55 years from March 7. The Corona vaccine is also expected to arrive by the end of February through Covax.